2018 Summer Grant Call for Proposals

ELIGIBILITY: Untenured assistant or associate professor; tenured assistant or associate professor having received tenure no more than three years prior to summer of 2018. Must hold field-appropriate terminal degree at the time of application. Faculty with 12-month appointments are not eligible. Applicants may have previously received no more than one Summer Faculty Grant (IPFW, PRF, or Senior).

Otherwise eligible faculty with summer salary funding in place via external grants cannot apply. If external summer salary is received after receipt of a summer grant, the summer grant will be rescinded.

GRANT PERIOD and AMOUNT: The grant period is 40 consecutive working days (eight weeks) between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester. Teaching is NOT permitted during the period of the grant. Grant amount is $8,000.00 paid as a taxable stipend.


  1. Documentation of the scholarly significance of the project
  2. Clarity of objectives and methods
  3. Clarity of activity to be accomplished during the grant period
  4. Relationship of the project to the applicant’s discipline


  1. The Professional Development Subcommittee (PDS) of the Faculty Senate will review, rank, and recommend awards to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who will make the final decision(s).
  2. The PDS may choose to not recommend any applications to the VCAA.
  3. Award process will be completed by the end of the fall semester.


Prepare your application as one .pdf document with the following sections:
  1. One page project abstract
  2. Results of previous Summer Faculty Grant (IPFW, PRF, or Senior), including accomplishments, publications, etc. if applicable (maximum of one page)
  3. Narrative of no more than six pages, double spaced, minimum 10-point type, to include the following:
    i.     Statement of the problem
    ii.    Significance and context of the problem within your discipline
    iii.   Plan of research (methods and procedures)
    iv.   Potential for external funding (be as specific as possible)
    v.    Impact on your professional development
    vi.   Summation of current, pending, or previously received external and internal support for this project, if applicable
  4. Two page curriculum vita
  5. References cited

No cover page is necessary; the cover page will be auto-generated from the online application. Successful applicants are required to submit a report of research activities no later than October 1 following the period of the grant.